Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pepperoni, Li'l Priss, and I In The Snow

Went outside today to take a few pics of the cats in the snow. They were cold and all Pepperoni wanted to do was be close to me! He started climbing up my leg and when I started to hold him he just started to walk all over me. Li'l Priss being herself was off doing her own thing and wasn't too happy about anything except when we brought them into the warm house.... Only then will she be happy. I plan on adding pics of Zest sometime soon when I get the chance.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Garrison Sanford's Going Away-Graduation Party

From Gar's Going Away Party

From Gar's Going Away Party

From Gar's Going Away Party

Saturday night we celebrated Garr's graduation, and being accepted into the United States Marine Corps. It consisted of Mr. Sanford telling us about how he was blessed to have a son like Garrison, and the men of the church giving Garr a charge and prayed for him. Afterwards it was a time of food, fun, dancing, pictures and goodbyes. We look forward to seeing him once he gets back from bootcamp (when he's home for ten days). It's really a mixed feelings situation, I'm so happy that he got the job he had been wanting, but of course sad that a "big brother" is away for so long. It's so cool that he is going to be graduating so close to his birthday! God clearly has shown that this is what He wants Garrison to do and we are all proud to call him our friend.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Six Things I've Learned This Month

Ok, so I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought to myself, "Josiah, you have to post something!!!.....but what? " So then I remembered I was tagged, so now I have something to post about! BOOYAH! Okay, I need to list 6 things I've learned in the last month, and tag six other people (which I think I'll skip because this survey-like thing is like really old, and everyone who I would tag has probably been tagged ages ago.... Okay, so here I go:

1. Same as Robert, I too learned how to play an X-box 360 (thanks Garrette!)

2. How to ice-skate better. Tip, skate with either side of the blade, but never with the middle. Also, it is not about lifting one foot and sliding it forward, it's all about pushing your feet outwards, this especially comes in handy when making turns, if you're turning left, you almost have to lean to the left and kind of push out to the right, with practice you can go really fast! :)

3. Do reminders count? In family devotions... Never ask God for justice, because he may just give it you you!

4. I really need to practice playing piano in front of large groups of people. (Had a piano recital this week and made a few subtile mistakes, and even before I started my heart started beating twice as fast!)

5. Did you know you lose about 7,000 nurons a day, and they never, ever can be replaced! good thing you have about 1x10 to the 11th power neurons! (I'm not quite sure how to type that out), but anyway, the amount you lose hardly makes a dent in your neuron count.

* This is under normal circumstances, but if you drink alcohol excessivly or use drugs the number of neurons you lose goes WAY up.

6. How to put in a trench. *sigh of relief!*

Okay, that's it, and if I've been tagged for something else let me know!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

See The Movie

Last night my family, 3 of the King kids, Mrs. Diemer, and I went to go see the movie "Fireproof". The movie has been out in theateres for some time now, but that didn't matter, the theatre room was packed anyway like it was opening night. It was a very touching movie that makes you laugh, cry, and basically just grabbed your heart. I have never seen so many couples hold hands after a movie. They were truly touched. Only their third movie, Sherwood pictures keep getting better and better. Their acting and lines are a little iffy in the beginning, but you don't care. This movie has a great message about the importance of the vows you make with your spouse (present or future), and that when you say "For better or for worse" that you shouldn't just be thinking about the better. Also your vows are made before God and should NEVER be taken lightly. My parents have taught me that all my life as I'm sure yours have and of course isn't anything new to Y'all, but I just thought I would put it down as a reminder.

In Christ,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

To Fellow Blog Followers-

To everyone who has sighned on that they follow my blog..... If any of you have a blog that I don't have listed please leave your html in the comment box and I will be sure to add you to my list of blogs I read. Thanks!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

The emblem on Ashton's guitar case which holds his precious Taylor Guitar. I love mine too.

My randome pic of the post; can anyone guess who this is? To anyone who was there today, please do not say. Thanks!

P.S. And please feel free to give me suggestions anytime on taking better pics!
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Lunch At The Creaths

After "The Pit" (the basement of the Christian Center where we meet for church) flooded,
we all had to meet in the cramped quarters of the upstairs room at the C.C., so
last night the church decided that we should have lunch at eachother's houses.
We were invited to the Creath's along with the Evans, Bandys, and Riggenbachs for lunch,
where we had Mrs. Bandy's rolls and jelly, our porkchops, and other good things like that.
And as always whenever brothers, and sisters in Christ get together it is always fun to
just hang out, talk, and as for the boys, have a breif moment of immaturaty, by throwing
sticks at eachother. *smiles sheepeshly*

Emil dishonored the totem! AAAAWWWWWMMMMMM!
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Hymn Sing At The Degenhart's

Well, yesterday we went for our first time to the Degenhart's hymn sing.
It was a wonderful time of fun, felloship, and singing.... of course!

Grace, Abigale, and Emma singing a Psalm
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Our wonderful musicians three

Shawn Degenhart played the piano for us and put a gospel twist on with style!

And now I must end with a randome picture of the Degenhart's rooster
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Some Pics Around The Farm

Well, not much has been going on around here to blog about which is why I haven't posted anything for a while, but after all that rain the creek was really swollen. Now it's quieted down though.

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Dejavu? Kinda, I took a picture of this tree from the same angle in the winter

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When my parents went to Tx. the brought back some of this cacti to eat and grow.

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