Friday, June 12, 2009

Tremont Turkey Festival

Last night we joined some of our wonderful friends, the McDonalds and Riggenbachs at the Tremont Turkey Festival. It was an evening filled with fun and laughter. The girls decided that they wanted to start out on the "Comfy Couch" ride. Caleb and I watched from the sidelines and took a few pictures. After that, Jessica and Sierra were ready for something a little more adventurous, so they decided to try the "Orbiter". I enjoyed my one-funnel-cake-of-the-year and smiled and waved at the two girls being flung about in such a savage manner that one would be afraid to vomit for fear of it being "mixed" all over oneself. After seeing the ride demonstrated by the two dizzy, but enlivened girls stepping off the ramp to leave the ride, Caleb and I decided it was worth the five tickets. Once the ride got up to speed, we could not stop laughing while Jessica and Sierra were screaming their heads off. (I admit to at least attempting a scream, but it came out more like a weird sort of croak).
The girls decided to sample a few other rides, while Caleb and I used our tickets on the rides we already knew were our favorites, namely: "The Gravitron", "Orbiter", "Zipper" and the couch was tried once. The Zipper is another ride that violently swings you up, down, and around in a pod that will flip around on it's own set of spokes, making for a very fun and freaky ride.
We ended the day by going to "Pinky's" which is a local ice cream shop, and is very popular around Tremont. After all those rides we felt the need to let our stomachs settle, but Lenna told us we would feel better if we ate something as she had felt the same way. We had small cones and that actually did do the trick. Following the ritual of saying good-byes, we left very satisfied and happy for a wonderful evening with friends.

Thanks to Sierra, Lenna, and Caleb for helping take some great pics!

So long!

I love Hannah's expression in this one.

The girls on the "Comfy Couch"

The girls with their "stunned look on"

Enjoying the "Orbiter"

Our favorite place to gather on these kinds of evenings