Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pepperoni, Li'l Priss, and I In The Snow

Went outside today to take a few pics of the cats in the snow. They were cold and all Pepperoni wanted to do was be close to me! He started climbing up my leg and when I started to hold him he just started to walk all over me. Li'l Priss being herself was off doing her own thing and wasn't too happy about anything except when we brought them into the warm house.... Only then will she be happy. I plan on adding pics of Zest sometime soon when I get the chance.


Megs said...

as Emma would say... "Ki-ki! preta ki-ki!"
They are darling.

Robert L. said...

I would not know about Emma...But I would say that it looks like y'all are haven a rather chilly winter. Are those y'alls cats Josiah?

Robert L.

Lenna said...

Yes Robert they are Josiah's and Elita's Cats...can't wait to see y'all on saturday!

Rose said...

Aw! Their SO cute! How many cats do you have? We have 5. :D

Great post!

In Christ,

Josiah David said...

Just two. :)

Rose said...

Just two?! How can you live with JUST two???
Oh well...the more the better!

In Christ,

"Cats are like potato chips: You can't just have one!"