Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Father's Day

Since we don't really like to celebrate Father or Mother's Day on Sunday because it's the Lord's day, we decided to celebrate it today. We ended up going to Hickory River Smokehouse for Dinner to see how close they really came to a Texas BBQ, and you know what? I think they did a pretty good job. It reminded me of those Bill Miller's BBQ Restraunts they have down there. Of course it wasn't quite there, but for the most part it was really good. It sure smelled like it though!
I am really thankful for my dad, he, with my mom have always told us to "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you". They encourage us kids constantlyto grow stronger in the Lord. I'm sure your parents do the same for you too. Make sure to thank God for them, not only around holidays, but everyday. Our parents have done so much for us that we will never be able to realize just how much they have done for us.
Dad reading his Father's Day card

We wanted to take a picture of the whole fam together, but I couldn't hold it out far enough, so here is who was on the other side of the table.
I love you Mom and Dad


Hey everyone! I know it comes and goes, my blog does, but I hope that you will enjoy what I have put up. I have created a summary of what has been going on so y'all could see what has been going on, and that I have actually been trying to gather things to post! ;) I always hope to post consistantly and keep things up, but with our primary computer being out of commision for a while I kind of get off track, but anyway, onto the good news, our birds just hatched out ducklings, the geese, ducks, and chickens...yes, I said chickens, and they are taking quite good care of their little ones. I am going to try to put up a few pictures of that soon, so keep and eye out!

Visiting the McDonalds 6/8/08

Sunday Evening we were invited to go to the McDonalds for supper. It was a blast! So to not echo my sister, you can check out her blog, and get all the details about our wonderful evening. I really don't think that thing could hold us both up ;)
What can I say.
"He leeds me beside the still waters"
Imagine conoeing through the panama with tropical flowers lacing the canal.

Canoeing Fun

The happy boaters (gosh, I needed a haircut!)
Picture taken from the stern
taken from the bow
Enjoing the best icecream in the world
Thanks for sharing, McDonalds!

Monday Mornin' 5/19/'08

Strawberry cream cheese on a cinnamon and rasin bagel! MMMM hard to beat!
(Of course those Pop-Tarts were pretty good too)
Elder Price gave us a wonderful morning devotion
and everyone listens intently

Of course all good things must come to an end ;)

Memmorial Day Campout 5/18/'08

Stephany Niessan is so cute
*cough*,*sputter* well, at least the smoke kept the bugs away.
Peter holding William and Jeremy being, well....Jeremy
Zach and I

This is the way I see it when I'm about to fall asleep.
Sitting by the fire is so relaxing.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

After Presbytary 5//18/08

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get some good pictures of presbytary,
but it was allot of fun, and we had a great time. Sunday evening we had the
Hector and Davis family, plus David and Anna Price over for supper, and some Ultimate Frisbee.
It was a blast! Although it took forever to figure out which dance we were going to do!

Melissa sprained her ankle really bad, but seems to be in pretty good spirits.
Melissa teaching Anthony H. to waltz.
Brown Sugar was intrigued with Anna's hair.
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Mr. and Mrs. Hector, Mrs. Davis, Melissa, Mom, and Dad enjoying themselves.

Becca and the kids having fun watching a movie
After exausting ourselves with Ultimate frisbee, and dancing we all played a
nice quiet game of Catch-Phrase......Yeah Right! :)
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