Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lunch At The Creaths

After "The Pit" (the basement of the Christian Center where we meet for church) flooded,
we all had to meet in the cramped quarters of the upstairs room at the C.C., so
last night the church decided that we should have lunch at eachother's houses.
We were invited to the Creath's along with the Evans, Bandys, and Riggenbachs for lunch,
where we had Mrs. Bandy's rolls and jelly, our porkchops, and other good things like that.
And as always whenever brothers, and sisters in Christ get together it is always fun to
just hang out, talk, and as for the boys, have a breif moment of immaturaty, by throwing
sticks at eachother. *smiles sheepeshly*

Emil dishonored the totem! AAAAWWWWWMMMMMM!
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Ashton said...

Colton started it.


Seth Ben-Ezra said...

I feel gratified to have begun the Jungle Speed infection.