Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pepperoni, Li'l Priss, and I In The Snow

Went outside today to take a few pics of the cats in the snow. They were cold and all Pepperoni wanted to do was be close to me! He started climbing up my leg and when I started to hold him he just started to walk all over me. Li'l Priss being herself was off doing her own thing and wasn't too happy about anything except when we brought them into the warm house.... Only then will she be happy. I plan on adding pics of Zest sometime soon when I get the chance.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Garrison Sanford's Going Away-Graduation Party

From Gar's Going Away Party

From Gar's Going Away Party

From Gar's Going Away Party

Saturday night we celebrated Garr's graduation, and being accepted into the United States Marine Corps. It consisted of Mr. Sanford telling us about how he was blessed to have a son like Garrison, and the men of the church giving Garr a charge and prayed for him. Afterwards it was a time of food, fun, dancing, pictures and goodbyes. We look forward to seeing him once he gets back from bootcamp (when he's home for ten days). It's really a mixed feelings situation, I'm so happy that he got the job he had been wanting, but of course sad that a "big brother" is away for so long. It's so cool that he is going to be graduating so close to his birthday! God clearly has shown that this is what He wants Garrison to do and we are all proud to call him our friend.