Saturday, October 18, 2008

See The Movie

Last night my family, 3 of the King kids, Mrs. Diemer, and I went to go see the movie "Fireproof". The movie has been out in theateres for some time now, but that didn't matter, the theatre room was packed anyway like it was opening night. It was a very touching movie that makes you laugh, cry, and basically just grabbed your heart. I have never seen so many couples hold hands after a movie. They were truly touched. Only their third movie, Sherwood pictures keep getting better and better. Their acting and lines are a little iffy in the beginning, but you don't care. This movie has a great message about the importance of the vows you make with your spouse (present or future), and that when you say "For better or for worse" that you shouldn't just be thinking about the better. Also your vows are made before God and should NEVER be taken lightly. My parents have taught me that all my life as I'm sure yours have and of course isn't anything new to Y'all, but I just thought I would put it down as a reminder.

In Christ,


Robert L. said...

We saw that movie the other day.

Robert L.

Rose said...

I want SO bad to see that movie!
Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get out to see it, but maybe we can later.
Great post! :)

In Christ,

Miss Pasadena said...

One more 'aye' vote, I'm thinkin'.

~Megs G.

Josiah David said...

Hey thanks Rose.

Rose said...

You're welcome!
And thank you, too. :)

In Christ,