Saturday, December 15, 2007

Waterfowl look really nice in the snow

African geese have a certain air about them
I pwomise! The opossum was 'dis big!
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Joyful Messengers

I don't rember what the names of the songs they sung, but this one was an African song that was really fun. They even got Ben Harding to play the bongo drum.
This song was a suprise for the parents with the sunglasses and all.
Cantate group
In this song Sierra sang in a trio part "The Celtic Carol", with Karissa S. and another girl.
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Peoria Cooperative Chorale

The young men singing "And All The Town Be Merry"
The Madrigals singing "Go Tell It On The Mountain"
I have never liked that song untill I heard the Madrigals sing it.
(The Madrigals are from the Coop Choral group who have exceptionally good voices. (Tryouts are in the spring! *hope*))
The night ended with the group singing "Good News"
Among the other songs we sang that night are:
"Christmas Gloria" (It was really fun!)
"Adoramus Te"
"Dadme Albricias"
"Hanerot Halalu", My Favorite :)
and "Jesus, What A Wonderful Child"

Mrs. Salazar did an excellent job in teaching us this semester, I look forward to next year :)
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Friday, December 7, 2007

Turkey Shoot '07!

Samuel likes his new gun...maybe that's an understatment.
Sierra thinks its fun, too.
Sierra did pretty well, 5 out of 6
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Emil is quite the marksman
And we all know what Ashton is!
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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

But how about some pictures with words.
Wouldn't it be terrible if God said, "I never knew you."?
This is an illustration of how hot the fire was, and how tall the fire was too.... And how much taller are you than the pallets?
Oh, snap!
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...And Then Our Peaceful Thanksgiving Meal

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Story Of The Buffalo

Grandpa told us the story of how he caught the buffalo, every year, cut him open, and took out the meat, then sewed him back up again. Then one day a little boy told him to sew a zipper into the buffalo. Grandpa did, and the buffalo liked that much better.:) (This fable was abridged of course.) He was pretty energetic while telling the story. It was fun.

Afterwards, Grandma took out the "Medicine"...
Part of one of Grandpa's stories was that he hung up the meat and a bear came and ate a piece, but in the morning it had a terrible stomach ache because the meat was so rich and succulent, so we needed to have the medicine to coat our stomaches so we wouldn't get sick from the meat....One thing though, all the parents were talking about how bad the "medicine" tasted.
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The "Medicine"

Issac really didn't want it and when Grandma tried to put it in his mout he almost dropped it!
Brooke knows what the medicine
The other grand-kids did a good job of convincing Elita the medicine tasted bad, she really didn't want any
But was pleasantly supprised to find it was only chocolate!
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"Trowing" On The Buffalo!

It wouldn't be a buffalo trow if you didn't "Trow" it on the fire!
Matthew looks cold.
As a matter of fact, I think everyone was.
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Doesn't Everything Look So Festive!

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