Friday, May 28, 2010


The sun radiates warm rays of light into the house from the east. The shadows which are cast upon the west windows cool the gentle breeze which wafts in through the screens. The birds are singing, and the sound of rustling leaves dancing gently in their suspended place is heard ever so subtly. Through these simple things, creation bears witness to it's Creator. It's a beautiful morning.

-Josiah Candler

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crazy Week!

I have promised to post, and so I will. What shall I post about? Well, non other than this late-and-great crazy weekend my family and I have had.
To start it all off, the tenth of Monday was my birthday, and in honor of that, Mom and Dad asked me who I would like to have over. The end result was a group of 4 couples (Bandys, Candlers, Michaels, and Rykens) talking upstairs while their children, + Jacob Guenther, (otherwise pronounce Goo-en-ther) had an amazing and fun filled evening playing Dutch Blitz!
Tuesday and Wednesday were relatively normal as far as I can remember.
Thursday ended in a prayer at our Home School Co-op choir's Mega Rehearsal, asking God to bless our efforts, and (what was on the thoughts of each and every one there) to help us do much better the following night than we had just done.
Friday night's concert was a blast! The Lord had truly come through, and had blessed us with an outstanding performance! In honor of one of the teachers who had recently went to Heaven due to Cancer, all of the songs picked were fun loving and beautiful to honor this person who filled so many hearts with joy.
Some of the songs our group did was a correlation of songs from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", Aladin's "A Whole New World", a song from the musical "Wicked", a spiritual, and the men's piece was "William Tell's Overture, and the women's was "Down To The River To Pray".
I was surprised to find how deep the songs from Disney's "Hunchback Of Notre Dame's" lyrics were, and how fun, but complicated the music was in general to learn and perform!
The most notable day of the week, (besides Sunday) due to the fact that two of our dear friends, Ben Hector, and Tiffany McDonald became man and wife! It was a joyous, and fun filled day full of memories! The evening dinner was delicious, and everything looked amazing.
I think most everyone was ready to hit the sack upon getting out of bed that morning, but we all persevered, and enjoyed a wonderful sermon by our pastor. The day ended with us and a few other friends getting together for supper to enjoy some excellent fellowship, and music.
What was expected to be a boring day turned out to be almost the most enjoyable day so far! Sierra had been spending the weekend with Darby Sproul, so on Monday our family, Darby and her father, and a family we had just become acquainted with; the Wintons (or Winstons, Whitmires, or what ever else you want to call them. JUST KIDDING! ;D ) were staying the day at our friends; the Michael's house. While Sierra, Darby, and Mom hit the thrift stores, Cody, Jesse, and I had a wonderful time discussing apologetics with Pastor RC Sproul Jr. Later on that day, Mr. Winton, his two sons, Pastor RC Jr. and Darby, Sierra, and I went into Peoria to drop Darby off at the airport, and to do a few other things. We had the most hilarious time in the van, and unfortunately one of the most epic pictures didn't get saved to my phone. We came back to the Michael's house, had supper with everyone, then went for a nice walk in the rain with Daryl and Lei M., Mom, Dad, and I.
So to summarize this last week, it has been a busy, but most blessed one at that.

Until next time! (Which hopefully will be soon. I'll try to post about the upcoming presbytery meeting.)