Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Hello everyone! I'm back! I've missed posting, but after getting sick I just kinda got out of the posting biz. Well, if wasn't just me, but the whole Providence church family who got sick, and let me tell you I hope we never get anything like it again! FIt was horrible, and you don't feel totally back to normal untill about exactly 3 weeks! With everyone in the house being so sluggish, Lady started to pretend she was sick too. LOL And since I'm not going to post any pictures of us in our agony, I'll just show this picture of Lady. Once she started acting sick all she did was lay in the beds all day. I mean, with everyone in the living room or in Mom and Dad's The big comfy beds were free for the taking. ;) One day Sierra walked into her room and there was Lady on her back and all four paws up in the air!
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