Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Archery Turnament With Our "wonderful" Skills

Don't they look so cool

Garrison hitting the target the first time w/no practice and making us all feel like a bunch of losers...maybe there's a reason for that :)

You know, that cloak kinda gets in the way

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I know birds aren't supposed to have dairy products in large ammounts, but I only let him have a little bit. :) He's really quite nice after he's had his attitude adjustment...

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Yesterday Stacey R. asked us if we would like to go hiking at McNaughton Park with her, of course we accepted, and packed up our gear. Stacey and I had fun with our camaras out there, while the girls ran ahead for the lead. Hannah was quite the trooper and walked about 4/5ths of the way! In the end we were rushed for time so I had to carry her the last little bit. Needless to say, she was pretty tired by the end of the day and caught some Z's with Lady.

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More pics of the hike

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Sunday Fun...

Well, our bows finally came! Sunday we invited the McDonalds over for some sch'mores and to practice shooting bows with eachother. It was allot of fun. The Riggenbachs came over and we soon found out Mrs. Riggenbach shot too! :)

Thanks Melissa for taking the pictures!

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A few weeks ago I found our guinea hen sitting on some eggs in her coop, figuring there was a small chance of being fertile I let her set on them. Daily I went down to the coop to find her diligently sitting on her eggs, sixteen of them. Days past and almost every time I went down there a few were always exposed a bit, we decided not to get our hopes up too high because birds rotate their eggs and probably most, if not all had probably gotten chilled. Well, yesterday I went down to the coop like I usually do and found about four cracked shells. We were very thankful for the four, and glad that at least a few had survived.
Well, after contemplating if we should let the hen keep the keets (baby guineas) or not, I finally decided that they would be safer to artificially brood them instead. So, late at night, Sierra, Lenna, and I went out in our PJ's because we were on a mission, to save the keets. Sierra maned the box and opened it when we needed her to, Lenna took care of the flashlight, and I held up a book with one hand in front of the mother to keep her from seeing and attacking me, while with the other hand I reached under her and put them in a box. The funny thing is, they just kept coming! Untill we had thirteen keets safely in our basement.
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