Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Capital Punishment in the Animal World EXPOSED!

Out in the middle of a cornfield, the body of Sammy the coon, hung from a telephone pole. No one knew what the vicious woodland creatures did to those who would not comply.


Robert L. said...

Nice...Have you ever seen one of those guys just walk across a power line without being hurt in anyway? Well of course...Now have ever seen what happens when he reaches over and grabs the next wire over or anything else that goes to ground? I do no care who you are, that's something funny to see. BOOM! You will never see the remains after it happens because they in nothing but vapor left.

Elissa said...

Wow... that's really cool! You're title and caption was quite funny too.


Jesi said...

wow, was that near your house?!
I'd say 'poor thing', but its a raccoon... lol :D
You know that once you name the thing you begin to get attached to it, right? :D lol, to much Monsters Inc...


Stephen Josiah Fuentes said...

Hi Josiah! Nice raccoon! I was glad to be able to meet you at the Reformation Faire! I especially like how we have the same names in common!

-Stephen Josiah

Josiah David said...

Hey Stephen! It was great to be able to meet you and your family also! I too think it's really cool how we share the same name! I hope you enjoyed yourself at the Reformation faire. :)
I looked at your blog and was thoroughly impressed at how much you are striving to walk with, and serve the LORD, and I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that I am very proud of you, and I'm positive the Lord will use you to do great things. Keep up the good work!
Josiah Candler

Josiah David said...

P.S. Do you go by Stephen, or Stephen Josiah?

Stephen Josiah Fuentes said...

Hi Josiah,

I mostly go by Stephen, but if you'd like, you can call me Stephen Josiah. Thanks for the encouragement. I like your blog a lot, and I believe God will use you in a mighty way too!


Janai Fuentes said...

Hi Josiah,
Thanks for the encouragement to my brother. It meant alot not just to him but to our whole family! He was really excited when he found out you replied to him and then encouraged him in his walk with the Lord. He printed it and now it's on his dresser!