Friday, June 13, 2008

Visiting the McDonalds 6/8/08

Sunday Evening we were invited to go to the McDonalds for supper. It was a blast! So to not echo my sister, you can check out her blog, and get all the details about our wonderful evening. I really don't think that thing could hold us both up ;)
What can I say.
"He leeds me beside the still waters"
Imagine conoeing through the panama with tropical flowers lacing the canal.


the rykens said...

Hey Josiah,
If you would like some real photos of the Panama Canal, I'm sure we could dig some up for you. Unfortunately it would have to be after we move.....

Panama is beautiful!

The Unknown said...

"He leeds me beside the still waters"

and you just had to make ripples... I see how it is!