Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Story Of The Buffalo

Grandpa told us the story of how he caught the buffalo, every year, cut him open, and took out the meat, then sewed him back up again. Then one day a little boy told him to sew a zipper into the buffalo. Grandpa did, and the buffalo liked that much better.:) (This fable was abridged of course.) He was pretty energetic while telling the story. It was fun.

Afterwards, Grandma took out the "Medicine"...
Part of one of Grandpa's stories was that he hung up the meat and a bear came and ate a piece, but in the morning it had a terrible stomach ache because the meat was so rich and succulent, so we needed to have the medicine to coat our stomaches so we wouldn't get sick from the meat....One thing though, all the parents were talking about how bad the "medicine" tasted.
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