Saturday, December 15, 2007

Peoria Cooperative Chorale

The young men singing "And All The Town Be Merry"
The Madrigals singing "Go Tell It On The Mountain"
I have never liked that song untill I heard the Madrigals sing it.
(The Madrigals are from the Coop Choral group who have exceptionally good voices. (Tryouts are in the spring! *hope*))
The night ended with the group singing "Good News"
Among the other songs we sang that night are:
"Christmas Gloria" (It was really fun!)
"Adoramus Te"
"Dadme Albricias"
"Hanerot Halalu", My Favorite :)
and "Jesus, What A Wonderful Child"

Mrs. Salazar did an excellent job in teaching us this semester, I look forward to next year :)
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