Thursday, October 25, 2007


A few weeks ago I found our guinea hen sitting on some eggs in her coop, figuring there was a small chance of being fertile I let her set on them. Daily I went down to the coop to find her diligently sitting on her eggs, sixteen of them. Days past and almost every time I went down there a few were always exposed a bit, we decided not to get our hopes up too high because birds rotate their eggs and probably most, if not all had probably gotten chilled. Well, yesterday I went down to the coop like I usually do and found about four cracked shells. We were very thankful for the four, and glad that at least a few had survived.
Well, after contemplating if we should let the hen keep the keets (baby guineas) or not, I finally decided that they would be safer to artificially brood them instead. So, late at night, Sierra, Lenna, and I went out in our PJ's because we were on a mission, to save the keets. Sierra maned the box and opened it when we needed her to, Lenna took care of the flashlight, and I held up a book with one hand in front of the mother to keep her from seeing and attacking me, while with the other hand I reached under her and put them in a box. The funny thing is, they just kept coming! Untill we had thirteen keets safely in our basement.
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