Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall, That's what I'm talking about

Ahhh! Fall is almost here!Fresh cider, pumpkin pie,
and holidays, like Thanksgiving and Reformation Day are just around the corner.
The days are getting cooler, and you can finally enjoy
the outside again.We've really had a great summer,
but we're ready for some cool air. All of us except Mom that is. :)


Melissa said...

Nice photos Josiah! I really live the colors!:)

StrawberryBlondee said...

Yeah! Finally a post!!!! I've been wondering when you were going to write something! :)

Nice pictures...gourds are so cute...which one is Jimmy, and which is Jerry? ;-) lol

Ashton said...

I think it's time for an update, Mr. Yoshiyahu...

Maybe you can post about how y'all unwind in the car. ;D

Yoshiyahu le Candeler said...

Good idea Ashton, maybe I will sometime.