Saturday, August 20, 2011

Music Purge!!!!!!

So I've heard of girls who periodically go through their closet, and examine each and every article of clothing, while asking themselves; "Does this honor God?".
  Well, guys don't really have as much of a problem with that sort of thing, but here's another things we Christians should consider; (guys *and* girls included);

 What about the kind of music you listen to?
Music is a powerful thing, and whether or not you want to admit this to yourself, the facts are inevitable. Music is a drug, it can make you use energy you didn't know you had; for the better, or worse. I've even heard of friends who I would consider more on the sane side, reduce themselves to even "head-banging" to music. At a Christian band concert no-less!      
  God created us to be so intimately connected and affected by music, but not for the purpose of bringing glory to ourselves and spouting reasons like "It just feels good", but to bring glory and honor to Him who sits on the throne.
  It's when people take the unique gift that God has given; to create music, and use it in a way that glorifies one's-self rather than The One who created them, and gave them that ability. The devil well knows this, and it's one of his best tools in his "arsenal".

Lately I've really been evaluating where I'm at with the Lord, and asking myself what are some of the things that could be standing between me, and a better relationship with Jesus Christ.
I'm not going to list them all here, but one of the main things I've been realizing more and more is the music I listen to, and how it effects me; Most, to which I've kept my mind in an almost jaded state.
 I really don't want to admit it, but I'll eat crow; Mom always said "The music you listen to will effect the way you look at life.", and at first I didn't believe her, but it turns out she was right. Music is one of the most powerful ways of indoctrinating, and a valuable deice for good... and evil.
  Every song has something it wants to teach you. It holds a presupposition, and it's up to you to figure out what the artist is really trying to convey.
Ask yourself a few questions like;
1. "What are some of the artist's outlooks on life?"
2. "Does the lifestyle he/she is promoting, honoring to God?"
3. "How can/is this music having an effect on me?", and after you've asked yourself these questions, be sure to ask yourself;
 "Am I being honest with myself in answering these questions?".

 I would encourage you, Brother and Sister, to take a look at your collection of music and remove anything that is less than satisfactory from your music library.
I actually just finished doing a music purge, and the feeling is great! I'm honoring God, and I'm making less of a struggle for myself in my walk with Christ! I'm excited for a better chance to be closer to The God who loves me, and it doesn't get much better than that, Folks. :)


Gravelbelly said...

A giant step in the right direction, Josiah. May God's grace support your resolve and carry you through.

Johanna said...

That was encouraging to read, thank you for sharing!

M. E. said...

Encouraging and challenging.
But it's true that it's needed. I'm not of the opinion that we need to listen to strictly "Christian" genre music, but I am often surprised at what sort of music many of my friends listen to.
Thanks for this post. (and keep 'em coming!)