Monday, November 15, 2010

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and the Unseen Children of Today

As I watched "The Boy In Striped Pajamas" tonight, I felt the knife-in-the-heart kind of sorrow the director intended every viewer to feel.
It was a real eye-opener at how not-so-long-ago it was when the holocaust against the Jews happened.
It amazes me. It amazes me to think that such a modern day society would stoop so low, and act just like the savages they accused the Jews of being. Well what do you know; the "savage" was more human than the accuser, and the accuser the least "human" of all.
The thought that so short a time ago, all this went on, makes my stomach churn, and I feel as if I should be sick. The thought of innocent children, women, and men being killed in the most horrific ways is enough to make any civilized person's blood boil.
"Well", you may say. "Thankfully that is all behind us, and our country would never do something like that!"
Guess what. A real, live, actual holocaust is happening right here in your local county. One that kills boys and girls in the most horrific ways known to man.
This holocaust my dear friends, is abortion. Millions of little boys and girls who may not even have visible bodily features to determine their gender, (or may not even be visible themselves to the naked eye) who are genetically male or female from the moment of the fusion of cells from the mother and father, are tortured and killed to this day.
I call you to become aware, that the days of holocausts in America and other "civilized" countries is far from over.
The way propaganda was spread to candy-coat the dreadful conditions Jews lived in while they were in concentration camps, is the same way propaganda has been spread throughout the world on how abortion isn't as sick as it seems. Through the media and other ways of spreading ideas, the government, and advocates of radical pro-choice beliefs have essentially brainwashed today's society to the point where many mothers don't believe the child forming inside her is even alive until it can be considered one who can survive out of the womb with our relatively poor technology.
So I call you to awareness. Awareness of this holocaust which is very much alive and well in our modern-day society, and I call you to pray, act, and play your part in defeating this monster.
                Remember the Jews, and remember our children. Soli Deo Gloria.


Elissa said...

Wow... excellent post Josiah! I had never really thought of it in the same light, but you are completely right!
Thanks for giving me some food for thought.

Josiah David said...

Thanks, Elissa! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Stephen Fuentes said...

Hi Josiah!
That was a good post you put it up. Abortion is one of the worst things I have ever heard of. And that is a big thing that many Christians are fighting against. Someday, I hope to fight it also.

Hope you're having a good week!

-Stephen Fuentes

Josiah David said...

Thank you very much, Stephen! I'm so glad it was an encouragement to you. :) I can't wait to see wait to see you fighting against this evil sin as well!