Friday, September 10, 2010

Overview Part 2 Illinois State Fare

This was taken at the end. She's so happy. :)
Entering the ring
Victory Pass!
Sittn' Pretty....
The Back-Up
Standing out
You can see his good form right there.
Stacy B  :)
Mike leads the champ out
Here's our Winner!


Courtney said...

Is the horse a Saddlebred or National Show Horse? It is hard to tell from the pictures but I would guess Saddlebred...

This is beautiful!

Josiah David said...

It is actually a Modern Shetland Pony. We raise them, and this pony went on to win the championship at the IL State fair which is the biggest show in the Shetland division!
There were Saddlebreds, but they were quite a bit larger. :)

Bethany Brabo said...

That's awesome!! I didn't know your family raised horses. I used to ride a Modern Shetland all the time, but then outgrew him. Do you do all driving or do you train riding horses/ponies too?