Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Puppies Are Here!

Hey everyone! As many of you know by now, Lady has had her puppies. They were born 5-01-09. They are pure-bred, to be AKC registered, Standard Poodles. There are two creams and two blacks and all males! Unfortunately one was stillborn,(also a cream male). We named him "Baby Bourne".
We haven't named the others yet, but once they're personalities start to come out, we might land a temporary name on them. :)


jill said...

Aww!! They are so cute! (-: How fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

John Calvin said...

Howdy Josiah,

A day late happy birthday to you. I suppose y'all have been pretty busy between puppies and your birthday. I just finished up the majority of my finals last week, I have two on Wednesday, then I am done for the semester. Anyhow, I will talk to you later.

John Calvin

Josiah David said...

Hey Cal good to hear from you! So, now with finals out of the way, you have no excuse why not to come and visit us! :)

Jill, your welcome. BTW y'all just had to pick the week I'm gone in June to stop bye! jk ;) Tell your brother I said Hi!

Big-Dog said...

The puppies are cute, except their pink noses look a little odd. Congrats.

Michelle said...

They are really cute!