Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yes, I'm still here

Well, many of you at this point are probably like:"Why hasn't Josiah Posted yet!". I assure you that I really would like to, but at the moment our computer's hard drive is so filled up that I'm afraid if we put any new pictures on, it will crash or something. I guess it's time to get an external hard drive, (when I can afford one). I hope to be able to be back to posting in about 2-3 weeks if the Lord wills.
So, until next time!



Rose said...

Hope you get a new harddrive...SOON!!! ;)

In Christ,

Josiah David said...

I hate anonymous comments. All anonymous comments will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Josiah,

The anonymous comment was mine, at least one of them, if there was another I do not take responsibility for it.

John Calvin