Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Qick Texas Trip 4/19-25/'08

Due to a huge accident in which my grandfather was a victim, my mom, dad, Elita, and Hannah took a week trip to Texas to visit my grandparents. Appearently what happened was two road-raging drivers crossed over the medium and into oncomming traffic. One person died of fatal injuries, and about five other drivers were seriously injured. My Grandfather was driving a semi, and to avoid the oncomming vehicles swerved to miss them, and the semi flipped over. My grandmother was already having health problems with an infection, and the news about my grandfather caused her much stress. In just one day my mom could have lost both of her parents, but the Lord saw fit to give them back to us on this earth for a time more. Praise the Lord they are doing much better now, and my grandfather has now been attending church with my grandmother! We have been praying that God would use this in his life to make him realize how much he needs God, and that his faith would continue to grow. We ask that you would keep him in your prayers, that he would grow in the Lord, and his recovery would be quick. For my grandmother that she would continue to heal and that her faith would stay strong in the Lord.
Looks like everyone had fun! I wish I could have gone!

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